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      Existing foster carers sometimes approach us because they want to transfer from their existing fostering provider. If you are not happy with the service you are currently receiving and would like to know more about transferring fostering provider, complete the form below and we will get back to you.

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        If you have a spare room at home and you can look after a vulnerable child, complete the short form and we will send you our information pack on fostering.

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        Choices for Young Voices

        What an encouragement to our young people from a timeless legend. Thanks so much Fatima for taking the time to inspire our young ones.

        If you are fostered by one of our families and you are over 11, you are very welcome to join our Choices for Young Voices group. We meet in most school holidays, and we have a real say in what happens at EFS as well as having fun, pizza and making good friends. Things we have suggested that EFS has done include:

        • The great EFS Bake-Off
        • A sponsored walk, in aid of charity
        • Putting together a guide about how to keep yourself safe online
        • Helping to re-design the ‘wellbeing outcomes’ that EFS ask us about. In other words how EFS are helping us to be our best selves
        • Asking a number of questions to families who want to be foster carers and let them know how we rate their answers

        Our group is really welcoming and supportive, you don’t have to explain anything, we know that sometimes that’s tough, and this is a group where you should never feel excluded or uncomfortable.

        I’m cared for by Eastern Fostering Services, how do I contact you if I need to?

        If you ever want to talk to anyone at Eastern Fostering Services (EFS), you can choose one of the following ways.

        You can get a message to your EFS social worker using any of these methods.

        My Best Family Fosters

        If your parents are a fostering family, you are very welcome to join our My Best Family Fosters group. We meet regularly throughout the year, and we suggest what we want to do to Sandra from EFS who organises our group-we’ve been out for meals and been bowling together this year. Our aim is to support each other and talk about anything that is bothering us. Our older group members provide support to new members, particularly if your family has just started to foster, because it can be a time of a lot of change in your family.

        Eastern Fostering Services Summer Camp

        All of our families and children are welcome to come to our annual weekend summer camp in August, where we always have a brilliant time. We usually have a barbeque together on the first night, then have a full day doing activities such as archery, activity courses and team building, finished off by a massive It’s a Knockout competition! We then have Fish and Chips delivered and round the day off with a silent disco! We all go home on the Sunday morning after a full breakfast.

        Here is a video from our latest camp, showing that we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

        I’m worried about something, who can I speak to?

        If you are worrying or upset about something, and don’t feel you can talk to your carer, your social worker at Eastern Fostering Services or your Local Authority Social Worker, there is still lots of support out there for you. Here is a list of useful contacts for you.

        I want someone from EFS to come and see me.

        You can ask us to come and see you, just email us and your EFS social worker will be in touch

        Helpful Guides

        Making a complaint – Childrens Guidance

        Younger Childrens Guide

        SSFSurvival guide for children of foster carers

        10 ways to stay safe online

        Childrens Statement of Purpose

        Our promise to you

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